Based along the scenic Emerald Coast, Uniquely Chic is a Jewelry, Home Decor & Gift boutique specializing in one of a kind finds along with the best local fashion and jewelry lines.

Uniquely Chic of Baytowne
The Village of Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin® on Cannery Lane next to Graffiti’s Funky Blues near the zip line.

Uniquely Chic is a jewelry, home décor and gift boutique that is based along the scenic Emerald Coast in Florida. Specializing in one of a kind finds, we are proud to bring you the best local fashion and jewelry lines available on the market today.

We are delighted to be able to do our business out of Emerald Coast because it provides us with nearly 100 miles of possibilities and new opportunities throughout five great counties. According to the Daily News, in 1938 there was a contest for deciding the best name for a new area slogan. A junior high school student named Andrew Dier took home the $50 prize and choose the name Emerald Coast which has stuck around until today.

There are many different styles and fashions that are exclusive to Florida alone, and even some that are even more area specific. That is why Uniquely Chic specializes in cool unique finds that you would be hard-pressed to locate anywhere else in the world.

We have a great selection of jewelry including Leather & Pearl, Lenny & Eva, Mariana jewelry and many other lines including from local designers. Mariana jewelry in particular has been quickly picking up all around the world in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course the east coast of the US in Florida. We love selling Mariana style products because the design’s are perfect for women of all ages and has a special quality to it that brings out the expression of youth and natural beauty.

The leather and pearl jewelry also makes for some of our favorite products including the Cross Pearl & Leather Necklace that we sell by Gemesis Designs. It was created solely to accentuate the natural beauty with the finest quality of pearls.

Along with our wonderful selection of jewelry we also are happy to provide our customers with many home décor and furnishings that will give you a wonderful opportunity to express your personality with uniquely designed products. There are several different products to choose from in many different categories. For example, we have trays perfect for any table in various awesome styles. We have a unique serving tray that features ornately etched elephant designs. You can use it as a dining room table center piece, or as a conversational artwork for entertaining your guests.

Although we love our brick and mortar shops in the Emerald Coast locations, we are finding it more and more important to have an amazingly awesome online store for Uniquely Chic lovers to be able to shop from the comfort of their own homes.